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Sorry for being AWOL! I'm back in town after a week spent with family underfoot and no real internet access. Anyone still up for some GG plotting? I'm up for taking on almost anyone, including Dan, obviously!

GG Cast
This is the journal for all the character we want to play, but perhaps not frequently enough to warrant their own journals. Check out the icons and let us know if...

A) You want to plan a thread with any of these characters. (Unexpected pairings could be awesome... Vanessa/Carter.... Georgina/Nate.... Cyrus/Chuck.. just think of the possibilities!)
B) You see someone missing. Both Kate and I are more than happy to take on other characters and have done so frequently in the past. So let us know if there's someone you'd like to see!

Also, if any of you feel like playing a minor character just let us know and we can give you the password for this journal.

Getting the party started...
Update! Hey guys, I thought we could have a brief update on the status of our little group and even plan a start date.

First, is everyone agreed about the format we would like? The current thought is to start with 2x13 ( "O Brother, Where Bart Thou?") and take it from there. If people have other ideas, it would be great to hear them and we could vote on our preference. Laura has her other ideas listed in her post and I'm open to anything.

At the same time, I think you should all feel free to use the gossiping_ic group as a true PSL forum, doing threads with different characters in the past, future, AU, whatever you want with no set plot or anything. These will be aside from whatever ongoing plot we eventually start up. To clear up any confusion, I think we should just mark our threads with this format:

When: (just generally, if this is AU/future thread/flashback thread or whatever mark it as such. If it's "real time" for the game just the time of day and day works)
What: (describing basic premise of the thread, e.g. Serena and Blair go to Disney World)

Does that work for everyone? I thought if people wouldn't mind, you could reply to this entry with what characters you play and what we should call you and any contact info that you'd like to share (none required of course!). Then we can figure out where we stand. I know Laura and I both reeeeeeally excited for this game and very willing to play characters as needed! GG_cameos will be the journal for minor characters or characters we want to play but don't want to make a separate journal for. So far, I believe (please correct me if I'm mistaken!), we have people playing Blair, Dan, Nate, Serena, Chuck, Vanessa, and possibly Lily. Did I leave anyone out or has anyone changed their mind on who they'd like to take on? And who else would you like to see?

Can't wait to get this thing on a roll! I promise all my posts will not be novel length!!


Welcome, welcome
I thought I'd do the honors of inaugurating this little OOC community. Please pardon its lack of style, I'm fairly unfamiliar with all things LJ. If only I had a bottle of champagne! I'll be creating the IC comm soon, but thought it would be helpful to chat about how we'd like to set this up. As I mentioned, I'm open to anything. One-on-one threading (perhaps with flashbacks, flashforwards, etc) without a larger storyline would be easiest. I also am open to also having a general, multi-character plot for us all. I posted a few random ideas in the ad, but they are just a starting off point. They were...

1) Start off post 1x18 and redo Season 2. (Bart lives! Serena/Dan, Serena/Nate, or Vanessa/Nate! Jenny as Eleanor's fashion slave! Chuck's summer of debauchery or regret! And more!)
2) Start after 2x13 with Blair (accompanied by Nate/Serena/Eric or someone else) tracking down Chuck for themselves in Asia.
3) Thoroughly AU.... "what ifs" can be entertaining.
4) Start after the most recent episode (3x12 The Debarted) and make up our own Season 3.

So many options! I'm just delighted to have a chance to spend the hiatus exploring these amazing characters. As I mentioned, I play Dan and am open to taking on Nate as well. I also love all the minor characters, and am happy to play whoever is needed/wanted.

So in short-- welcome and let me know your thoughts!



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